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We spend around a third of our lives working. So why waste any more precious time? We help you find the job, that really fits your unique personality and lifestyle! 

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You, with all your life and work experience, are as unique as 90s music. So should be your job. We are the first recruiting house that focuses on you as a unique candidate.

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We help people like you find the job that makes them happy and help companies find and retain digital talents.

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Liene, I would like to thank you for finding the job for me.

I’m glad that the probationary period has been over for a few weeks now and that I’ve come to terms with everything here. Thanks to you, I now have the best job in the world!

Daniel, placed candidate
2023, Frankfurt am Main


Liene, what a great outreach e-mail!

I’m sure you often get good feedback from people you write to, because it’s really rare to get such a personal and well-written request!

Sarah, active sourcing
2023, Munich


Your tips were really helpful!

and I already found a job! Today was my first day and it was really great. Thank you very much for your tips again!

Mustafa Ali, applicant coaching

2022, Hamburg


Thank you for your CV template and your tips.

Luckily few days back I got the contract for my desired job in the Netherlands! I believe your CV template played its part as well. Just wanted to thank you for your help and support in this regard!

Feyza, applicant coaching

2023, Rotterdam


Extremely useful content!

I have been very good since we spoke and I follow your content – especially on Fridays! It´s great how you post very useful tips and motivate me on the daily path to success!

Allan, follower
2024, Frankfurt am Main


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Spoiler Alert: We like to reveal secrets. Liene and her team share insider tips about recruitment and future employer branding hacks. In addition we love talking about things that are close to our hearts like sustainability, the job environment and other hot topics.


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